Vi-CELL BLU Reagents

All your reagent needs in a convenient package

We’ve improved the Vi-CELL reagent pack to make it faster and easier to use. The Vi-CELL reagents you know and trust from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences are now packaged in a convenient ready-to-load kit. Simply open the instrument reagent panel and slide in the reagent pack. Each pack can be used for 310 activities before changing—that allows for about a weeks’ worth of testing in most labs. 

Packs are easy to replace with no mess. Say goodbye to wrangling with tubes and splattering dye when you change out reagents. Your lab coat will thank you! 

Each pack also includes an RFID tag that tells you how many activities are remaining. No more guessing on remaining reagent amounts or running out in the middle of a critical series of tests. 

Vi-CELL BLU cell analyzer reagent pack features:

  • Self-contained and convenient: All the reagent elements are packaged together in a single unit.
  • No more tangled tubes: Slide the pack into the instrument and the system does the rest.
  • RFID tracking on each pack: The embedded RFID tag gives important information about each pack to your Vi-CELL BLU instrument: lot number, expiration date, on-board life (90 days), activities remaining.
  • Replacement is easy: Simply slide out the used pack and insert a new one. No need to handle messy dye.
  • No more cardboard packs: The new reagent pack is made of recyclable plastic and easy to wipe down in clean room situations.

What is inside of each Vi-CELL BLU reagent pack


vi cell blu reagent pak detail drawing

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