Cytobank Enterprise

Cytobank is a cloud-based platform that offers machine-learning assisted analysis of high dimensional single cell data. Enterprise licenses provide access to a private cloud and are designed to meet the needs of larger research teams in institutions or biopharma R&D or clinical research organizations. Different license types are available depending on your needs. Powerful dimensionality reduction, clustering and prediction algorithms accelerate your research.  Use the Cytobank platform to manage and archive flow and mass cytometry or other single cell data and to easily collaborate with colleagues across disciplines and geographies from any web-based device.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Características del citómetro de flujo CytoFLEX S

Sensibilidad exquisita

Versatilidad de la plataforma

Escaso mantenimiento

Automatización disponible

  • Cargador de muestras opcional para placas de 96 pocillos
  • Una API (Interfaz de programación de aplicaciones) permite que software externo controle del instrumento
  • Para el procesamiento automatizado de muestras y la adquisición de datos, intégrelo con el instrumento Biomek i-Series

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