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Estación de trabajo de automatización de laboratorio Biomek FXᴾ

Flexibilidad para su flujo de trabajo de alta producción

Biomek FXP brinda la velocidad y el rendimiento críticos para los entornos de investigación actuales. La plataforma flexible está disponible en modelos de cabezal de pipeteo simple y doble, y combina el pipeteo multicanal (96 o 384) y Span 8. Biomek FXP, ideal para flujos de trabajo de alta producción, acelera el procesamiento de laboratorio y es fácil de actualizar o integrar a medida que sus necesidades de investigación evolucionan.

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Versatile Workspace

Flexible Pipetting and Workflow Management

  • Multiple single- and dual-arm configurations available using Multichannel heads (96/384/Pin tool) with gripper and/or Span-8 pipetting
  • Parallel processing on dual-arm systems
  • Disposable & fixed Biomek tips (including septum piercing)
  • Transfer volumes from 0.5 µL - 5,000 µL
  • 8 channel liquid-level sensing 
  • Supports labware from tubes to 1,536-well microplates
  • Accurate intra-well pipetting

Simple System Operation

  • Easily automate existing processes
  • Powered by icon-based software with data tracking & LIMS connectivity
  • Extend walkaway operation with process management & scheduling software
  • Guided system setup
  • Automated deck framing
  • Data-driven method operations including hit-picking & normalization
  • Light curtain safety feature

Application-focused Solutions

  • Consultative workflow analysis
  • Expert application and technical support
  • Biomek-automated demonstrated methods & capabilities for genomic, drug discovery & basic research workflows

Product Specifications

Minimum Table Support Requirements 92.00|77.00|cm (139.7 cm min height requirement)
Sterile No
Operating System Windows® 7
Software Biomek software, SAMI EX scheduling software, Biomek PowerPack software, Biomek Method Launcher, DART 2.0 software
Display 22" controller screen
Operating Modes Semi-automated, manual, controlled by operator
Item Specifications Referenced A31844


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