Airfuge Air-Driven

Procese las muestras lipémicas con la ultracentrífuga por aire Airfuge.

La ultracentrífuga Airfuge® por aire ofrece un método simple y rápido para eliminar quilomicrones (partículas de grasa en muestras lipémicas) para obtener resultados de clarificación lipémica precisos.

Las muestras lipémicas pueden limpiarse en 10 minutos, con lo cual se elimina la necesidad de envíos que demandan tiempo.


Increased Efficiency

  • Reaches max speed in 30 seconds or less
  • Combination of high g-forces and short path lengths
  • Decelerates smoothly to keep contents separated

Enhanced Versatility

  • Variety of rotors to support pelleting of nearly all materials done in a full-size centrifuge
  • Rapid clarification of lipemic blood samples

Small Volume Processing

  • No need to dilute precious samples
  • 100uL to 7mL processing

Lab Space Optimization

  • Sub-compact centrifuge minimizes the space required bench space for centrifugation

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Product Specifications

BioSafe No
Acceleration 30-60 seconds
Deceleration 2.5-5.5 minutes
Speed Control ±|5,000.00|rpm of set speed
Timed Run Up to 5 hrs (5 min increments) or Continuous hold
Max Capacity Volume Range |7.00|mL
Imbalance Tolerance ±|10.00|%||
Item Specifications Referenced 340400


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