MoFlo XDP Cell Sorter

The MoFlo XDP cell sorter combines high-speed sorting capability with an open flexible design to enable a wide variety of sorting applications.

  • High-speed electronics ensure identification & sort accuracy 
  • Unmatched linearity & true dynamic range of 5 decades
  • Stable fluidic design for precise droplet formation during long sorts
  • IntelliSort II: Beadless drop delay determination and monitoring

MoFlo XDP Cell Sorter Features


  • Compatible with any visible wavelength flow cytometry laser
  • Fiber coupled lasers with beam shaping optics for increased stability & alignment ease
  • Precision Optical Detector (POD) structure simplifies filter changes


  • 70,000 sorts per second (validated)
  • > 99% purity (all data rates)
  • High recovery, yield & viability
  • Proven 4-Way Sort for multiple population sorting
  • Independent Sort Mode capability in each tube
  • CyClone® custom plate & slide sorting

Electronics and Software

  • Negligible dead time
  • > 100,000 analysis events/second
  • Digital triggering on any parameter
  • Digital pulse processing (DPP)
  • Unmatched linearity
  • 18x18 auto-compensation matrix
  • Full parameter resolutions for region determination
  • > 1 billion event listmode files


  • Certifiable iosafety Level I or II cabinet option
  • Aerosol Evacuation System (AES) removes aerosols from sort chamber
  • Replaceable probe & sample line
  • SmartSampler sample input ensures sample & operator protection

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MoFlo XDP Cell Sorter Specifications

Drop Dive Frequency Adjustable up to 200kHz
BioSafe Yes
Power Requirements 50/60 Hz, 100-230 VAC
Item Specifications Referenced ML99030

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